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Social Media is now an every day part of life. Millions of users log on to their respective social accounts every day to check out their social feeds. For many, social media is their primary source for information, be it news, gossip or shopping. Businesses also harness the power of social media to peddle their products and services. There is little doubt that social media has worked it’s way into the fabric of our society.

What is incredibly surprising is the way these 5 entrepreneurs and geniuses utilize the reach of social media in their day to day dealings with the public.

It might be surprising how the founder of Facebook uses his platform. As of the day that this blog was written Mark has over 119 Million followers on his Facebook account. One unique way that Mark uses his account is by posting funny pictures of himself. Check out the photo below where Mark seems to be playing a virtual 3D Sudoku game. The post had over 130 thousand likes, 16 thousand comments and over thousand shares. Way to go Mark!

The Owner of Microsoft certainly knows his way around social media! Bill’s Twitter account boasts just over 58 million followers and Bill is following over 400 people himself. The secret to Bills social media success is the way he references other social account users by using the @ symbol. This method is called tagging and very few can pull it off the way that Mr. Gates does. Here’s a tweet from May 4th where he is seen posing with a few members from the cast of the hit TV show Friends.

Many are familiar with Mark Cuban because of his cigars, his appearances on Shark Tank and his ownership of the Dallas Mavericks. What you may not know about Mark is that he is a social media beast! If you’re looking to dominate social media the way Mark does, then sit up, pay attention and get ready to take some notes. One of Marks brilliant social media strategies Mark employs is to scroll through his feed and like, share and retweet those things that he finds significant. No wonder they call Mark the real life Bruce Wayne! He’s a social media hero! Below is a photo of Mark showing off his scrolling thumb.

Warren Buffett may not seem like the social media type, but he is. Warren not only has accounts representing his companies but also has his own personal accounts. (Many users have both personal and business accounts on various social media platforms so that they can maximize their reach.) Warren currently owns accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram. One shocking thing that Warren does that many may overlook is that he occasionally will tweet or share a status or post. Over the lifespan of Warren’s twitter account he has tweeted over 8 times. Below is his first tweet from 2013, letting us all know that he’s home.

Everybody knows the owner of Tesla and SpaceX, but what you may not know is that out of all of these masters of social media, Elon reigns supreme. While Elon keeps most of his activity on the Twitter platform, it’s the way in which he utilizes the platform that is most impressive. Mr. Musk follows many of the same habits as the afore mentioned men do but there’s one area where he stands out. Elon not only is a user of social media but he buys social media platforms. This is similar to what Zuckerberg did when he created Facebook from the ground up, but instead Elon bought the Twitter platform for a whopping 44 billion dollars. So if you have an extra 44 billion dollars laying around, you could be like Elon and buy a social platform. Below is one of Elon’s more cryptic tweets sent out today. In the tweet there is a clear reference to his buyout of Twitter.

Social Media day is today and if you want to celebrate by using social media like those that are absolutely crushing it, then do what they are doing. As we mentioned above, social media is here to stay. Take some hints from the geniuses above and you’ll be rolling in no time!

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