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Precision Machine USA - Megaphone Pro Solutions Inc.

Precision Machine USA

by Megaphone Pro Solutions Inc., March 14, 2018

Precision Machine and Gunworks, a start-up machining and fire arms shop, needed to be able to launch their services, and products to the world wide web.

Precision offers an array of machining services including: precision engineering, metal lathe, surface grinding, welding, CNC machining, milling and more.  They will also be moving into accessories for fire arms in the near future.  They also offer a revolutionary new coating called Cerakote which is a ceramic coating that produces the hardest finish on the market.

Precision also offers the Buckner Articulated Hollowing system which is a wood lathe tool that was custom engineered by Sean Buckner.  The Hollowing system allows hobbyists or pros use their lathe to hollow out beautiful wooden vessels.  Precision commissioned Megaphone Promotions to create them a demo and instructional video that would help their customers see the benefits of their hollowing system.

Precision’s website is set to launch in the spring of 2018.

If you need custom web design, branding or video production, don’t hesitate, contact Megaphone Promotions Inc.

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