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Tiny homes are not only convenient and cost effective, they are the future. Tiny house living is a way of life that people all over the country are adopting. If you’re searching for a tiny home, she shed, hunting bungalow, writer’s cabin, workshop, or just a plain shed, contact our friends at 59 Auto Sales!

Located south of Interstate 40 on Kerr Blvd (for directions click here), you will find a wide selection of fully customizable Derksen portable buildings that will fit almost any need. You can customize your building with a range of options such as wood, metal, shingles, treated lumber, siding, and many color selections.

No matter what options you choose, our friends at 59 Auto Sales will make selectingyour portable building easy and affordable!

If you are in the market for a Tiny Home Click here and get started making your tinyhome dream a reality!

Written by Bobby Washington

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