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Avoid the Empty Calories of Cookie Cutter Sites - Megaphone Pro Solutions Inc.

Avoid the Empty Calories of Cookie Cutter Sites

by Megaphone Pro Solutions Inc., October 12, 2017

Everyone loves cookies, right?

Chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar or maybe oatmeal. Just thinking about them makes the mouth water.

But as we all know, cookies aren’t the best choice for healthy eating. When you think about it, cookies are kind of boring. They’re simple and cheap and mostly have the same size and shape.

When a child is hungry for a snack, they reach for the cookie jar. It’s so common that it’s cliché.

While you can expect a child to reach for a cookie, you should have higher expectations of a website designer.

When trusting a website designer to create a site to represent your company’s brand always avoid companies that offer a cookie-cutter approach to building their sites.

Many will claim to custom build your website from scratch but browse the web designer’s portfolio and you may find a “jar” full of websites that all have the same size, same shape and same taste.

These companies use a simple recipe of plugging your company’s information into a standard template.

You might pay less for website straight from the designer’s cookie jar but here is what you need to consider:

1. Your website is the face of your business. If your website looks like a hundred others then your brand or product doesn’t stand out. Websites built on simple cookie cutter templates are not designed to engage your customers.

Megaphone Promotions offers website, graphic design and social media campaign packages that are truly customized for your business. We are designers. Making your business stand out is our passion.

2. Cheaper websites straight from the cookie jar may end up costing you more money in the long run. Losing customers because of a poorly-designed website adds up quickly. The old adage is true: you get what you pay for.

Megaphone Promotions stands behind the quality of our product. We promise you that you will be pleased with the final result.

3. Using do-it-yourself sites such as Weebly and Wix may make building your own website less expensive, but simply plugging information into a template will not help your business stand out in the marketplace. If you want a truly custom look for your business then use a website design firm with a passion for creativity.

Are you looking for more than junk food to feed your business’ online image? Megaphone Promotions creates websites, social media marketing and graphic design.

Contact Daryn at 918-315-6215, [email protected], or Lance at 918-208-9237 or email: [email protected]

You can also contact us on Facebook. We look forward helping you “let your voice be heard!”

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